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5 Great Reasons To Journal

5 Great Reasons To Journal.

Whether you have been journaling all of your life or have recently been introduced to the idea, I invite you to fully explore the beauty and power that journaling can bring to your life

A Journal . . . Is A Tool, Resource and Safe Space Where You Can Be Yourself and Express Your Thoughts and Feelings.


You Always Have A Choice

Today, Give Yourself Permission

I Give Myself Permission

You don’t need permission from others to live the life you want and deserve. You just need to give yourself permission.

Today, Give Yourself Permission . . .


Life Really is A Marvelous Journey

Life Is A Marvelous Journey. A Journey. A Process.


Every goal you wish to accomplish in life follows the universal Law of Process, which "recognizes that goals are achieved through consistent and bite sized steps and actions ".




. . . Before you can walk you must first stand.

. . . Before you can run you must first crawl.


Your Morning Thoughts Make A Difference

Morning Affirmation. A Powerful Way To Start Your Day.

Your first thoughts as you awaken each day sets the stage for the rest of your day.